Marketing: The Perfect Blend of Analytical and Creative Thinking

The Unknown World:

Prior to lilikoi agency, I worked in the banking industry for more than 15 years. During that time, I worked my way up from a teller to a branch manager. Banking can seem stale and cold from the outside world, but I found my inner analytical mind and used it to earn a few of the hardest licenses in the industry. I studied hard to pass the tests for the Series 6 and 63 investment licenses, and the Life/Accident and Health insurance license. I helped clients plan for retirement, buy homes, start businesses and more. All of these licenses required very thoughtful, focused study, but I lacked the joy of using my creative talents.

In September 2015, I had the opportunity to meet the COO and CEO of lilikoi agency. Sophia and Lance gave me the opportunity to change my career path and join them at their company. I was so excited to be blessed with a job where I could utilize my analytical and creative abilities together to grow businesses. Marketing requires the perfect balance of analytics and creativity. Working in marketing was so different than anything I had done before, it opened my mind to a whole new world.

Marketing – The Analytical Mindset:

As a full-service agency, we create all public facing materials, as well as protect the company brand and reputation, plus we manage all vendor relationships. Unlike most agencies, we also build and manage our clients’ marketing budgets and ROI reports. Monthly and annual marketing strategies are reverse engineered down to the number of leads needed per day to meet our clients’ goals. In order to achieve these results, we produce and manage hundreds of campaigns for each client every month. Throughout the month, a team of experts compile the data to create reports for us to analyze. We detect patterns between datasets and find creative solutions to improve the strategies. The truth is in the numbers, and this information is used to make pivotal decisions as to which campaigns we will run the following month. We produce leads that generate sales to grow our clients’ business.

Marketing – The Creative Mindset:

In addition to data, we MUST create campaigns that evoke emotion. So, it’s important that we are creative thinkers; we strive to be bold and different from the competition. The status quo does not get a company to the top of the consumers’ minds. Our clients rely on us to have our finger on the pulse of economic changes. And it’s imperative for us to know how consumers are making decisions, and where they are digesting media. We make decisions in real time and we are ready to pivot on a dime. So, what are some ways we use our creative minds? We brainstorm on catchy headlines, visual layouts, page designs, jingles and scripts. Then we utilize our skills in graphic design, video editing and more to make ideas into reality. As a result, we create campaigns that bring life to a brand and engage consumers to take action.

So, if you are looking to take your company or your career to the next level, join us today. And see how lilikoi agency brings the perfect blend of analytical and creative thinking together to make our clients’ #1 in their industries. I look forward to the future and the opportunities of growth for my self, our business, and our clients!