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Marketing: The Perfect Blend of Analytical and Creative Thinking

The Unknown World: Prior to lilikoi agency, I worked in the banking industry for more than 15 years. During that time, I worked my way up from a teller to a branch manager. Banking can seem stale and cold from the outside world, but I found my inner analytical mind and used it to earn… Read More


I and, as I am sure, many of you have often been asked what is your favorite food? That’s a tough one for me because I AM A FOODIE! I love to try new restaurants, and even more I love to experiment with cooking different types of food. Having lived in a few different countries… Read More

The Pyramid Of Success

I have had the honor of speaking with Coach Wooden many years ago and discussing his Pyramid of Success. I have found it useful in everyday life, especially when I coach young people. Being able to pass on these principles is a passion of mine. I hope you find these a help on your life… Read More

Budgeting with Bordo

β€œA budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”― Dave Ramsey As sensitive as it may be, personal finance is just as important to me as professional finance. I love helping my friends create budgets, do taxes and plan for their futures —Β just as I do for lilikoi. When I’m… Read More

Being Successful Should Be Uncomfortable

“You are in danger of living a life so comfortable and soft, that you will die without ever realizing your true potential.” David Goggins Reflect on the above quote for a moment. How does it make you feel? Consider this, when was the last time you did something in your life that made you physically… Read More

Converting a Decision into Action

Converting a decision into action starts with making a decision.Β Throughout our day, we will have to make many decisions. Some require little effort, while others can be more thought-provoking.Β Every decision (big or small) is a risk-taking judgment.Β Timing is always a factor. As with major decisions, it may be beneficial to consider your options first.Β Although, understanding… Read More

What is β€œAd Relevancy” and Why It Matters

One of the most important parts of creating an ad campaign is paying close attention to ad relevancy. For example, in paid search, the customer journey starts with a simple Google search, generally referred to as a β€œsearch query.” With the search query in, the user is now expecting certain relevant results to follow. For… Read More

What is Local SEO? Boost Your Online Presence

Nowadays, people are looking to purchase superior quality products and services closer to them. As a business owner operating within a given geographical location, you need to make certain that your business is readily visible to local customers at the exact time they are searching. Local competition is getting stiff, and hence the need to… Read More

Taking Ownership

As the Channel Coordinator for Web and SEO at lilikoi agency, I am frequently asked, β€œwhat is your favorite thing about working at lilikoi?” At the beginning, I had to figure out if this position and company were a good fit for me all around. I knew that the company was part of a growing… Read More