Converting a Decision into Action

Converting a decision into action starts with making a decision.ย Throughout our day, we will have to make many decisions. Some require little effort, while others can be more thought-provoking.ย Every decision (big or small) is a risk-taking judgment.ย Timing is always a factor. As with major decisions, it may be beneficial to consider your options first.ย Although, understanding the timing process is crucial.ย One may be able to delay, while another would cause more problems by delaying. There are five steps you can count on to help you in the process of making good decisions.

Step 1: Identify your end result

What is the purpose or goal of making this decision?ย Figuring out the why is what triggers the action.

Step 2: Information equals options

Gathering information that is necessary and directly related to the problem helps to determine a solution.

Step 3: Now and then

Reviewing the pros and cons can help determine how this decision will impact your present and your future.

Step 4: Make a choice

Steps 1 to 3 are there to help level out the anxiety of wanting to feel comfortable with all of your options as well as the possible outcome in order to arrive at a decision.

Step 5: Execution is essential

Evaluate your decision once it is in action.ย The outcome will help you develop your decision-making skills in the future. Please note, an important factor when converting a decision into action is to recognize when it is not working.ย You most likely will need to choose another option.ย ย 

These five steps can assist with making good decisions; however, there are several distinct questions that are required when sparking action:

  • Who has to know of this decision?
  • What action has to be taken?
  • Who has to take it?
  • Do the people who have to do the action actually have the tools to do it?

A legend amongst most operations-based teams when uncovering “training opportunities” is simply that the first and last questions were “overlooked.”ย  All in all, the classic “think before you speak” holds fast and true in the decision-making process.ย  Think before you act, and your operations team will greatly thank you for it.