TV/Radio & Creative

Welcome to the Ohana!

We're proud of the newest members of our TV/Radio & Creative team.

John Willner

TV/Video Editor

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Molombo Thillot

Social Media Strategist

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Connor Geib

TV/Video Editor

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Tim Tucker

Graphic Designer

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Each team in our Ohana is always looking to grow.

Checkout our careers page to get in touch about joining the TV/Radio & Creative team.

Josh Dowdy

TV/Video Editor

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Cesar Ramirez

3D Animator

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Burt Weinstein

TV/Video Editor

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Thomas Nardini

Social Media Strategist

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Constantine Trakas

Digital Media Buyer

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Felipe Espinosa

TV/Video Editor

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Audrey Cisneros

Media Manager

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Pierre Beaufrand

Creative Director

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Sergio Cazares

Graphic Designer

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