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WordPress is an intuitive CMS platform that makes managing content easy. CMS stands for content management system, which provides an interface for managing the content that displays on a website. This saves us time on determining how and where we are going to store the data, and makes it really easy for members of our other departments to add and edit content without having to know how to write code.

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Selecting a theme for your WordPress website.

WordPress has a built-in theme library that allows users to download and apply custom themes to their WordPress installation. In fact, there are businesses whose only functions are building or selling custom WordPress themes. The problem with these themes is that they create limitations for how content can display on the website. For most of our clients we recommend having our team develop a completely custom WordPress theme.

Benefits of using a custom WordPress theme.

There are many benefits to creating a custom WordPress theme instead of installing a theme from the theme directory. Here are a few of the top reasons why you should choose to go with a custom theme for your website.

  • Content loading optimizations
  • Complete control over aesthetics
  • Guarantee accessibility best practices
  • Build structure that considers SEO
  • Easier to troubleshoot issues

Developing a custom WordPress theme

When our team is tasked with developing a custom WordPress theme for one of our clients, we typically follow the same process to ensure that we establish a solid foundation to build off of in the future. Here is the general roadmap that we follow during the process of custom WordPress theme development

  1. Understand the brand
  2. Understand the customers
  3. Consider user experience
  4. Determine sitemap structure
  5. Wireframe page templates
  6. Mockup page templates
  7. Develop theme
  8. Test
  9. Deploy
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