Danielle Killian

Marketing by Day, Painting by Night

Since I was young, I have always done some form of crafts.  I can remember coloring inside the lines of a Flinstone’s coloring book and becoming unbelievably ecstatic because my three-year-old hands were able to master the art of coloring inside the lines.  Now that I am grown, I understand the art of coloring outside the lines and the beauty that comes with it.  Currently, I am painting shoes for weddings and for fun, as well as our kitchen table.  I find comfort in free-styling it when I am painting.  There aren’t any rules in those moments and I can let my mind come up with intricate designs or maybe something simple.  However, I can relate this back to work.  I am constantly trying to work through processes in my day to day life.  Training others on how to follow these as well.  When I am painting a piece, I have the idea in my head and start working bottom to top.  I have the base coat applied, I add the base colors first, and then some detail, and finally the outlines/borders/highlights, followed by the sealant.  If I were to do the highlights first, and then paint within those with the base colors, it would take much longer to get this project completed.  Working from the top to the bottom wouldn’t get me anywhere and I would spend ages getting something completed.  Applying that back into my day to day life, helps me personally relate the tasks I receive at work to my personal experiences.

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Danielle Killian

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